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    Commercial Garage Door Repairs

    Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

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    If you are new to the business world, you will surely be meticulous in almost everything, including garage doors.

    Since you are new to the industry, you are still exploring the best services out there.

    Bux Garage Doors are here to provide quality service from skilled professional technicians in Riverside for commercial garage door services.

    However, commercial garage door services do not only apply to new business owners.

    Existing businesses out there should have their partnered professionals in case of emergency.

    If you have already been in the business for several years, consider investing in commercial garage door services to ensure safety and security.

    While it may sound unnecessary and even intimidating for some, we can convince you that this investment will not go to waste.

    As business owners, you should always opt for the betterment of your business.

    Here are some benefits of hiring commercial garage door professionals and considering installations and upgrades from us:

    Enhanced Security

    Like any doors, garage doors are invented to operate as entrance and exit ways, and of course, for security purposes.

    However, commercial garage doors are more complicated.

    What differs them from other garage doors is that it serves and protects a broader audience.

    Establishments have more people, more cars, and more valuable items to secure, which is why security levels must be doubled.

    If you already have a commercial garage door, make sure to have regular checkups and consider upgrades for enhanced security.

    Upgraded doors are equipped with the latest technology, which will be more challenging to invade by malicious factors.

    Increased Durability

    As mentioned, commercial garage doors have a wider scope to serve; therefore, they must be durable enough to withstand various forms of elements and wear and tear factors.

    Our professionals use materials that are perfect in battling external and internal factors that decrease the durability of your commercial garage door.


    Our commercial garage doors are guaranteed to be energy-efficient.

    They have UV protection and better insulation that saves energy.


    Another benefit is the protection it offers in case of fire.

    Since our doors are sturdy, they will suffer minor damage than usual.

    If you are considering garage door installation in Riverside, here are the types and their ideal uses.

    Have a look and decide what suits your business best.

    Aluminum Glass Doors

    Aluminum glass doors are best if you are looking for an aesthetic one.

    Since they are glass doors, their appearance is outstanding.

    Also, its visual access is apparently ensured.

    Along with it is, of course, light infiltration.

    Aluminum Glass Doors are best for these establishments: retail spaces, fire stations, service stations, and professional facilities.

    Rolling Shutters

    Rolling Shutters are most recommended if your priority is security.

    They are very exclusive and intimate, which is perfect for privacy.

    This type is ideal for pharmacies, hospitals, and retail storefronts

    Fire-Rated Doors

    Fire-Rated doors are highly suggested for enhanced security due to their protection against flammable materials.

    What’s more, they automatically comply with NFPA-80 standards.

    Install this type if you have a laboratory, warehouse, or storefronts.

    Bi-Fold Doors

    Bi-fold doors are perfect for intimate purposes.

    They are quiet and operate efficiently while still ensuring safety.

    If your business is a restaurant, concession stand, or gym, consider this type of door.

    Sectional Steel Doors

    If you are looking for a door with minimal maintenance and energy-efficient, this is the door for you.

    Sectional Steel Doors work best on warehouses, service centers, and fire and rescue departments.

    Counter Doors

    If your priority is flexibility and security, consider counter doors.

    They are ideal for cafeterias, service centers, and restaurant walk-up service windows.

    High-Speed Doors

    For businesses partitioning an ample space, high-speed doors are most recommended.

    They are energy-saving doors with durable components, perfect against accidental collisions.

    Manufacturing centers and warehouses are mostly equipped with this type.

    Looking for technicians to install a commercial garage door? Call Bux Garage Doors.

    Bux Garage Doors offer commercial garage door installation in Riverside and nearby areas.

    Depending on your preferred door type, we guarantee that you will experience the benefits of having a commercial garage door.

    For more services like garage door repair in Riverside, we may also be of help.

    Call us now and let us talk about the installation process.

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