Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Garage Door Motor Repair

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    When your garage door is malfunctioning, you might not see the problem immediately.

    Most garage door issues concern the motor, which affects the overall operation.

    In this post, we will guide you in doing garage door motor repair.

    Please remember to be cautious as these parts are cumbersome and dangerous.

    Also, make sure to unplug the unit before starting this repair.

    If you are not confident, we recommend you ask for assistance from garage door professionals.

    Bux Garage Doors offers garage door repairs in Riverside.

    You may contact us for assistance or any help in addressing garage door issues.

    Before proceeding to how to fix your garage door motor, let us know first what are the signs of a faulty motor unit.

    It won’t open and close

    If your garage door does not operate, it will not open nor close; there is an issue with the motor.

    Even if you can hear it operating, there is still a problem you might not be able to see, but the professionals can.

    Usually, your motor needs to be replaced if this happens.

    It is noisy

    If you hear other noises from your motor, that unusual sound is most probably coming from the motor assembly.

    You might hear some squeaking, clanking, and creaking sounds that grow louder and louder.

    If you hear more sounds when the door is not in operation, call a technician for a checkup and repair.

    It is sluggish

    Garage doors are designed in a way that it does not exhibit any threatening acts.

    It has a certain speed that is not too fast and too slow for your safety.

    If your garage door is moving too slowly without your knowledge, the motor might be having a hard time lifting the door.

    It is also the case if it is half-opening.

    It is not dependable

    If your garage door is working intermittently, it is showing signs of retirement.

    Your garage door may be underpowered or old enough to function, resulting in overheating.

    It is retiring

    If your garage door has been there for you for ages, maybe it is time for it to rest.

    Older motors cannot fully actualize their function if it is too old, suffering from wear and tear.

    Try opting for newer materials for reliability and efficiency.

    They are equipped with advanced technology for safer and secured operations.

    For garage door installation in Riverside, you may contact us for assistance.

    Motor Repair Tips

    Let us now proceed to some motor repair tips you might want to try if your motor unit is malfunctioning.

    1. Unplug the motor unit from the outlet.
    2. Remove the safety laser connectors.

    Using a flathead screwdriver, you can remove it by pressing the release tabs down.

    Then, label it for reassembly using masking tape.

    1. Firmly pull the handle on top of the door to release it from the chain rail, disconnecting the opener from the door.
    1. Unscrew the bolts of the motor on the mounting frame using a ratchet.

    The opener will be removed after this step.

    Also, please take note to save the bolts and keep in touch with the motor always.

    1. To prevent a springing back chain, loosen up the washers and nuts holding the chain to the motor unit.

    Be cautious in doing this step because the chain is under a lot of tension.

    1. Next, remove the chain and lubricate it.

    Remove the bolts that keep the opener and the chain rail intact.

    1. To follow is the removal of the motor unit.
    1. This step may not apply to everyone, but if necessary, install new laser sensors.

    Remove your pre-existing sensors and install the new ones.

    Route its wires to the opener, then staple them into the wall.

    1. Your new opener is now equipped with preset bolts to be removed; take them off.

    Return the opener onto the mounting frame by following the steps in reverse order.

    The preset bolts will be necessary for reattaching the opener into the frame.

    Prepare your new installation kit to complete the reassembly.

    Be careful and safe.

    Read the manual for proper execution.

    Need assistance for garage door motor repair? Bux Garage Doors is here to help you.

    Bulk Garage Doors offers garage door repair in Riverside.

    If your garage door is experiencing problems with its motor unit, we can be of help.

    We also offer garage door installation in Riverside if you need to install a new garage door or a few parts.

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