Garage Door Opener Repair

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    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Garage doors look pretty simple, with easy functionality of opening and closing, up and down–that’s it.

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    However, garage doors can be complicated at times.

    Like other things, garage doors demand maintenance to function smoothly and last longer.

    If there comes a time when your garage door malfunctions, Bux Garage Doors can assist with your garage door opener problems.

    We offer garage door repair in Riverside.

    In this article, you will know why your garage door opener is not opening and whether it needs repairing already.

    Here are some troubleshooting tips for your garage door opener.

    First and foremost, close the door and pull the emergency release cord.

    Then, open it and observe if it closes smoothly.

    If this option does not work, your garage door opener might be having problems with rollers, tracks, or springs than the opener itself.

    Now, let us proceed to garage door opener symptoms and some ways on how to fix them.

    The Remote functions but the Wall Switch does not

    Per se, the remote works, but the wall switch fails to do so; what you need to do is to replace the switch wires or the wall switch.

    Ensure that the problem is really with the switch.

    Unscrew it and touch the two wires together with caution.

    If the opener opens, the switch is the problem.

    Change your switch because it might be too old or has been affected by rodents.

    On the other hand, if it does not work by touching the two wires, get a small wire and jump them at the opener terminal.

    If successful, the problem relies on the wire connecting the opener and the switch.

    We recommend you install an 18 to 22-gauge wire for the repair.

    You may also call us, Bux Garage Doors, for garage door repair in Riverside.

    The Wall Switch functions, but the remote does not

    This is another wall switch and remote problem.

    In this case, the remote is the one that fails to function well.

    Compared to the first issue, this one is easier to fix.

    You only need to replace your batteries, as easy as that.

    However, if it still does not work after changing batteries, you might need to buy a new remote or receiver.

    There are plenty of remote models in the market, or you can refer to your manual for small reference.

    We suggest you try a receiver if you still do not have them.

    What makes a receiver good is its additional feature that automatically updates your opener to the new rolling code technology.

    After purchasing, plug it into an outlet, and run the two wires provided.

    The trolley carriage is functioning, but the door opener won’t budge

    If the trolley carriage works, but the door opener still won’t open, it might be broken.

    To address this problem, clamp the chain down to the rail, then pull the old trolley carriage.

    By doing this, you are keeping the chain’s location intact.

    Afterward, separate them from the trolley.

    Take note to do it on both sides.

    Next, detach the rail from the header bracket, moving it to one side.

    Slide the new trolley after sliding off the old one.

    Lastly, reconnect the chain and adjust the tension of the chain manually.

    Prepare $25 to $40 for the new trolley.

    The door won’t go down without holding down the wall switch

    This issue sounds very complicated.

    If your garage door opener can go up but not down unless you hold the switch, it has something to do with the safety sensors.

    Safety sensors are safety features that detect anything that blocks the way to avoid accidents.

    They are broken if the tiny lights are not lit up on each sensor.

    To fix this issue, align the safety sensors, or replace them if necessary.

    You may also contact us for garage door installations, including a few parts.

    Address your garage door issues with Bux Garage Doors

    A malfunctioning garage door opener is bothersome.

    It is not only time-consuming, frustrating, and costly, but it is also dangerous and unsafe.

    Before it leads to further complications, address these garage door issues now with our help.

    Apart from repairs, we also offer garage door installations.

    Call us now, and let us solve this together!

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