How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

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    How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

    Investing on a garage door opener is normal in this time and age.

    We invest in these doors for the safety of our homes, offices and buildings.

    These doors offer convenience when used, because unlike manual garage doors, they open and close on their own.

    However, a garage door is only good when it functions properly.

    A malfunctioning door in an emergency could cause damage to you, your car, and your bank account.

    This means that you need to make sure the door you are using does not have any damage, not even dents.

    This could pose a threat to your safety if not fixed ASAP.

    Why is my steel garage door dented?

    When we think of a steel garage door, we know that this is a heavy-duty door that is nearly impossible to dent, let alone damage.

    However, nothing is unbreakable.

    These overhead doors that have steel sheets can be damaged by certain things.

    It would need a considerable amount of force, but it is not impossible to dent your door that weighs more than thrice your weight.

    First, when using a garage door, there are times that your car or any vehicle would have a strong collision with your garage doors.

    The first few times might not affect it, but every impact makes the door weaker.

    For example, a strong impact from your car while driving inside your garage can even bend the entire door; this can cause your door to need repair or even replacement.

    Second, if your door is not made of steel but wood, weather is one of your garage door’s worst enemies aside from strong impacts.

    A wooden garage door tends to get worn out when exposed to changing weather or seasons.

    Finally, a malfunctioning mechanism like the door’s laser eyes being misaligned and faulty; a cable inside the machine snapped; or your track gets off the track, these situations can cause your door to close forcefully.

    Once your door closed or opened with too much force because of the malfunctioning mechanism, then the force could dent the door’s steel sheets.

    Should I fix my dented garage door or leave the dents alone?

    The answer to whether or not you should leave the dents on your door alone is a definite ‘no’.

    Even if a dent seems like it’s not that big of an issue at first, it can still lead to complications when using your overhead door.

    The first is that it will hinder your garage door’s operations.

    Thus, this will make possible delays for your daily activities.

    These small dents will eventually grow whenever you use your door, and would eventually stop working.

    Second is that the dents can cause the formation of rust on your steel doors.

    Doors have protective layers of paint and chemicals to prevent rust from forming.

    However, a dent could cause the paint to chip off or worn out and allow the formation of rust that can eat away your steel doors.

    Finally, these dents could be the beginning of risking your security.

    A dent on a garage door will allow intruders or thieves to see a way to bypass your doors.

    These dents could be used to break your door completely.

    Therefore, you must be sure that no dents are left on your garage door.

    Get them fixed before the dents would get bigger and risk more of your safety and convenience.

    Why should I call professional repair services for the dent on my door?

    Professional repair services are highly trained experts that can fix the dents on your door with ease.

    They have the latest tools that could fix the door without causing any damage to other parts.

    The internet would suggest using tricks to fix the door on your own, but by doing so, you are risking further damage to your door.

    There are times that a dent could be bent enough to cause a hole, and these dents can only be fixed by experts with the needed tools.

    Therefore, if you live in Riverside, these internet suggestions are commonly famous, but so is Bux Garage Doors.

    We are a company that repairs dents fast and easily.

    Bux Garage Doors got you covered

    Here at Bux Garage Doors, we have the latest tools that can remove any dents from any kind of garage door; from heavy-duty doors, lightweight doors, plastic doors, and even wooden doors.

    We have garage door repair in Riverside that provides technicians that know how to fix a dented garage door.

    They are equipped with the tools that can smoothly flatten your doors.

    For doors that are no longer repairable, we at Bux Garage Doors also offer garage door installation in Riverside and in nearby areas that are near Bux Garage Doors.

    Call us at our customer service hotline now!

    If you are still wondering how to fix a dented garage door, call Bux Garage Doors now, and our experts will show you how they can take that dent away.

    We will make sure your door will look brand new; you won’t even remember the dent!

    Don’t wait for your dent to get worse, call now!

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