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A look at just some of the things we offer:

Garage Door sensors can be incredibly fiddly to fix. Luckily, we love fixing them. Most garage door problems can be repaired just by replacing the sensors. Give us a call and we’ll figure it out for you.

Damaged cables can be sharp, unstable and dangerous. Reach out to us to have yours working perfectly.

Faulty openers for garage doors are a common problem, so we know exactly how to fix them. Call Bux Garage Door Solutions to talk about opener repairs and replacements.

Confused about automatic openers? Don’t worry, we’ll fix yours so you can enter and exit your garage effortlessly.

Springs support the weight of the overhead door. If yours is feeling too heavy, call us to talk about replacing the springs.

Motors are a component that can make things pretty loud when they go wrong! Fortunately, we can service or replace your motor to stop the headaches.

We don’t just do houses. If your business has an overhead door, we have the solutions for you.

If you’re thinking about refreshing or upgrading your garage door, call us now to browse our latest modern and traditional styles.

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