Garage Door Installation

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    Garage Door Installation

    Garage Door Installation Service in Riverside

    Who would not want to purchase a garage door with excellent quality?

    High-quality garage doors are a hot topic in the market because of their features.

    Of course, they are equipped with components that guarantee security purposes.

    If you are thinking of making your garage safer, or if you are to establish your new home, consider hiring professional technicians for garage door installation.

    Especially if your garage door is old enough, consider replacing it with a new one, not just for safety and security, but for aesthetics, as well.

    You may follow these step-by-step instructions for garage door installation, or contact us, Bux Garage Doors, for assistance.

    1. Releasing the Tension in the Torsion Spring

    The first step to do for garage door installation is to release the tension in the torsion spring.

    Clamp the adjustable locking pliers onto the shaft of the torsion spring, then wedge it against the door’s header wall.

    Next, insert a steel rod into one hold in the winding cone of the spring; it has four holes, so choose one of them.

    Hold tightly to it, then loosen the set screws that hold the winding cone.

    Using the steel rods, loosen the spring at least a quarter turn one at a time.

    1. Disconnecting the Opener

    After releasing the tension, disconnect the opener from the door.

    First, remove the door panels; remove the hinges that connect the panel below.

    Next, detach the track from the doorframe.

    1. Installing New Door Panels

    Begin the garage door installation.

    For two-car garage doors, put a reinforcing bar at the center top panel for misalignment prevention.

    Secure it with screws after drilling pilot holes.

    Next, connect hinges to each panel’s top position.

    Most doors have pilot holes already, so you do not have to drill them.

    From both sides of the panel, top and bottom, attach axle supports.

    Put the bottom one into the opening.

    Drive a nail into the wall to hold it upright, then bend it over to hold it in place.

    Now, it is time for the top part.

    Attach the other panel on top, and make sure its groove rests on the lower panel’s ridge.

    Repeat the process until successfully done.

    1. Securing the Hinges and Placing the Track

    You should be inside the garage when doing this step.

    sure that each hinge’s top half is attached to the panel.

    Then, you should put the wheeled axles into the side hinges and both top and bottom axle support.

    As for the track installation, attach the brackets to all the pieces of the vertical track.

    Next, put them in place against the wall while making sure they lie accurately on the track.

    Lastly, the door cable should be attached to the bottom panel axle support’s hook.

    Proceed to the bottom bracket attachment afterward.

    1. Attaching the Spring Assembly

    Assemble the required pieces to actualize the spring assembly, then proceed to attach these strings to the track.

    As you can observe, the track has a curved portion on the vertical piece, as evident in your installation earlier.

    The other end should be attached to the ceiling bracket.

    1. Bolting the Tracks

    Keep the tracks connected; attach the horizontal one to the vertical one.

    Bolt the tracks after drilling a hole that aligns the horizontal track with the vertical.

    1. Installing the Springs

    Mark the center of the opening, and attach the springs there.

    The spring anchors should be attached to the springs, then proceed to the spring locking cone once done.

    Bolt the two springs to place them in the header bracket securely.

    1. Placing the Torsion Rod and Pulleys

    Locate the side header brackets holes; slide the torsion rod there.

    Once done, connect the pulleys at the ends of the rod.

    1. Attaching the Cable

    The cable will be attached to both sides of the pulley wheel.

    Turn the wheel to pull tight over the slack over the pulley.

    Next, slide it to the header bracket.

    1. Tightening the Springs

    For this step, use steel rods for the tightening.

    To actualize this step, reverse the loosening method you’ve used on the previous door.

    Also, refer to the manual to determine how many turns are necessary for the tightening.

    Secure the bolts now after the whole process.

    Call Bux Garage Doors for Garage Door Installation

    If you are looking for professionals to perform garage door installation in Riverside, we are one call away.

    We are a team of skilled technicians to aid any garage door issues.

    You may also contact us for garage door repair in Riverside and nearby areas.

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