Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

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    Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

    Do you own a garage door? Did you know that the reason why your garage door opens and closes smoothly is mainly because it relies on a spring?

    It’s a small but powerful little piece that gives you the luxury of a smooth operating automatic door.

    A garage door weighs from 130 pounds to a staggering 400 pounds.

    This means, without that spring, you would have to put all your efforts into opening and closing your own garage door.

    Even if you’re a strong person, a few hundred pounds of metal would still cause you to exert more effort than when you open a regular door.

    What is a Torsion Spring?

    Your garage door is not just one big piece of metal.

    It is operated by different parts working together to open that four hundred or so pounds of metal sheet.

    You would probably think that a spring is just a small insignificant part, but a spring is what allows your door to open and close smoothly.

    One of the types of spring that an automatic door uses is called a torsion spring.

    A torsion spring twists on a horizontal bar above the garage door, and with the help of cables, it stores the mechanical energy it needs to operate an open and close motion for your garage door.

    However, installing and repairing this spring is dangerous if you are not a professional.

    You are risking both your safety, and the safety of your garage or car if you make a mistake.

    Danger of garage door torsion spring repair

    You are probably thinking of using the internet to look for tutorials to get the job done without paying for anything.

    However, since repairing a tension spring needs specific tools and gadgets, you would probably cause more damage to your door and get injured.

    Since the tension spring stores mechanical energy, when it recoils, it has a massive force that can injure you.

    Hire a professional and get a garage door tension spring repair instead.

    Safety should be your priority and not money. You can buy a new spring, but you can’t get a new finger if you made a mistake.

    Let the professional do it

    Fixing your automatic door on your own can be tempting but hiring a professional to do it is the best choice to save time and stay safe.

    Immediately after noticing that your door is moving slowly, and making noises that weren’t there before, make sure that you call a professional repair service.

    Make sure you call someone that has quality results.

    Not all repair services offer garage door tension spring repair because of the lack of tools or experience from the staff.

    Hence, you need to choose the best repair service to cater your needs.

    Don’t risk choosing an unfamiliar repair service that could rob you of your time and service that you paid for.

    Let Bux Garage Door repair it for you!

    We at Bux Garage doors have been operating for years.

    We offer garage door repair in Riverside ever since we became an official company.

    Additionally, we began to offer garage door installation in Riverside and the surrounding area too.

    One of the special services that we offer to our clients is garage door tension Spring repair.

    This is one of our services along with installment and maintenance.

    If your garage door is operating using tension springs, then we recommend availing yourself to our garage door tension spring repair as soon as possible.

    We have trained experts that have years of experience in repairing tension springs.

    Furthermore, we take pride in ensuring that we use the latest tools and gadgets that can make the repair smoother and faster for your convenience.

    This allows us to finish our job faster and not waste your time.

    We have a wide variety of garage door models, which means our technicians are well-informed of every part and every problem that could occur and give the best solution for you.

    Bux Garage Doors has been approved by the national government and handling dangerous tasks like garage door tension spring repair is our specialty.

    Our hotline is around the clock.

    To sum it up, we are capable of catering to your automatic door needs at any given time of the day.

    All you need to do is grab your phone, start dialing our number, and get our services now!

    It’s your job to call, and our job to respond!

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