Why Does My Garage Door Open By Itself?

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    Why Does My Garage Door Open By Itself?

    When you buy an automatic garage door, you would expect it to be used for your convenience.

    It would have a remote control, and the door is able to open and close by itself without assistance. But what if your door suddenly experiences problems?

    A dysfunctional garage door can cause multiple problems to you such as safety and unwanted anxiety.

    Be reminded that calling a professional is a must to ensure that your automatic door is repaired and will function correctly once more.

    Can a garage door open by itself?

    If you own a garage door and close it after leaving, you would expect it to remain closed unless opened.

    However, if you come home to an open garage door, or witness it operating on its own, this is a common problem that is caused by a malfunction of the mechanism inside of the automatic garage door.

    Automatic garage door openers, no matter how state-of-the-art they are, are prone to experience a variety of problems in the future.

    The mechanical problems that can arise mostly rely on simple routine trouble-shooting and maintenance to solve the problem of the automatic door.

    However, there are instances that the problem is complex, and you would need to call a professional to examine your door and not risk your safety or the safety of your property.

    A garage door can be hundreds of pounds, and the mechanism used to operate it can only be fixed by an expert repairer.

    If your door suddenly opens while you attempt to repair it, the force of the steel weighing hundreds pounds could cause severe damage to the body of your car if it is within range.

    Only an expert can handle it swiftly and efficiently.

    Why does it open by itself without me operating it?

    A lot of people who own garage doors have been asking “why does my garage door open by itself?” we have the answer for you.

    There are four basic reasons why your door is operating without your help.

    1. Damaged remote and wall button/opener – Your door operates on machines that are controlled by your door’s remote.
    2. Check if the remote or the buttons are damaged and sticking out of the device.
    3. Debris and build up – A safety feature in your garage door is called a reversing mechanism. This is designed to keep people from being crushed by the door. However, if there is debris or any build up, it may affect the sensors.
    4. Misaligned sensors – The light that the sensors use helps operate the doors. However, it is misaligned; it can detect something else and do the reverse movement.
    5. Circuit damage – Any parts of the overhead door that is damaged creates a chain or damages that will disable proper movement of your door. Check the circuits if any wire or bolts are cut or missing.
    6. Broken springs – The spring opens and closes the door whenever they coil and recoil. Check if the spring has any damages, but refrain from repairing them. The damage a recoiling spring can cause is severe because of the stored force.

    That is not all. There are still many possible reasons that your doors can be damaged and do the opposite.

    Nevertheless, relying on yourself in repairing your overhead door can cause greater damage.

    What should I check before calling repair services?

    Though you should refrain from repairing your door on your own, you can at least check simple parts of your door that could cause it to open by itself.

    Do this before calling professionals.

    Begin by checking the safety sensors if the light is still on; observe if the garage door opener button has any damages; check if there was a power surge that could affect the control board and transformers; finally, check if your neighbors has the same type garage door opener, and the setting in their controller is the same as yours.

    Get a professional repairman in Riverside for your garage door

    The moment you are done with checking the condition of your door, it is now time to ask for a professional to help you answer your question “why does my garage door open by itself”

    There is an increase of people owning garage doors in Riverside, and if you are one of them, you need to make sure that the garage door repairs service in Riverside you choose is the best in the area.

    It is of importance that the repairer you choose is qualified and able to produce good results after repairing.

    Do not risk your safety and money to a garage door repair in Riverside that does not have good visible results.

    Why Bux Garage Doors repair services the best choice in Riverside

    We, Bux Garage Doors, have been in service here in Riverside for years.

    We have clients that have trusted us with their garage doors, and availed themselves of our services like garage door installation in Riverside.

    We can answer your question “why does my garage door open by itself?” by sending our technicians here at Bux Garage Doors.

    We have our garage door repair in Riverside service or most commonly known as garage door overhaul service, to answer that question, as provide a solution.

    We have technicians that have been repairing doors that open and close by themselves.

    You can trust us in making sure that our team will both repair your door, and make sure that you are informed of all the possible ways to avoid the same situation from occurring.

    Bux Garage Doors has a massive team of trained experts that can professionally give you the service that your overhead door needs.

    Just give our customer service operators a call, and our teams are on their way to fixing the door that causes your anxiety.

    Don’t risk your safety; put your trust in Bux Garage Doors now!

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